Program Design & Evaluation (Outcome Research)

We can help with your program design and evaluation needs whether you have an idea for a new program, want to change or grow an existing program, or are facing difficulties with a well established program. As external, independent, objective individuals in the process, we can help you make sound decisions. We are experienced in designing protocols that can help turn around troubled programs.

For new or expanding programs: We can help implement an evaluation protocol for any size program by locating or designing evaluation tools and tracking mechanisms that your clients, staff and management teams can use that will meet your board’s and funders’ requirements.

For existing programs: We can review existing program evaluation tools, data collection procedures, and program outcomes in order to make recommendations to modify and thus enhance data collection protocols to allow program to focus on more quantitative outcomes.

We can review a grant and make recommendations for the creation and implementation of any required evaluation protocol. We can also provide technical assistance by periodically monitoring the ongoing data collection to ensure success. Ultimately we would provide the program with a comprehensive evaluation of the collected data in the form of a detailed outcome report with graphs.

We can review and evaluate an existing data set and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the collected data including tables and graphs as well as an executive summary.

We are also capable of quickly constructing, implementing, and evaluating electronic surveys or feasibility studies. When completed, we provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the collected data including tables and graphs.

What we have seen is that most programs do a fairly good job at collecting some data and reporting basic numbers to oversight agencies. They often fail to optimize the research potential of that data either by not asking the right questions or not evaluating the data the right way.